Written by Laurie Nichol
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Curious about what "DSS" means? If you've been looking into the world of satellite TV, then you've no doubt seen this acronym here and there. Learning about the difference between cable and satellite, between DirecTV and Dish Network, and between the various accessories and concepts can seem like a lot of information, at first.

DSS--Digital Satellite System Technology

A digital satellite system differs from cable in two ways that you can see right from it's name. First of all, digital refers to the high quality of the picture and sound-have you noticed how most movie theatres now offer their movies in "digital"? That is the same level of resolution that you can now enjoy in your home entertainment system!

Besides outstripping cable in terms of digital versus the old analog reception, the second "S" in DSS stands for satellite technology. If you haven't yet experienced satellite dish TV, then you may not yet know how these systems are superior to those transmitted by cable. Via satellite, you're able to receive all your channels in 100% digital quality, take advantage of sterling customer support, customize your viewing packages, pay automatically, and more.

This technology also offers access to HDTV-another acronym which stands for "high definition television". With ten times more pixels on your screen, HDTV turns ordinary television watching into something else entirely. For all of these reasons and many more, lots of Americans are giving dish TV systems a try, and deciding that they're never going back to cable!

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