Free Satellite Tv

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Accredited K-12 schools can receive Direct TV service completely free of charge. This package is called School Choice, a program designed to help classroom instructors engage their students. School districts must pay installation fees. Once satellite TV has been set up, educational institutions pay no monthly charges.

Direct TV Programming That's Perfect for the Classroom

High school teachers can use Direct TV for history, politics, and science lessons. The History Channel can become a Social Studies teacher's classroom aid. The people who write History Channel documentaries are college professors and professional historians. These programs cover both World and United States history topics, ranging from Ancient Egypt to World War II. These shows are much more historically accurate than popular movies. The movie Braveheart, according to most historians, contains 90 percent farcical information. A History Channel show on William Wallace and the Scottish struggle for freedom would be much more educational.

Biology instructors can tune in to the Discovery Channel, and Health teachers can show their students coverage of real medical procedures. Of course, no teacher will abandon textbooks and traditional teaching methods, but there are television programs that fit perfectly into lesson plans. My high school teachers used to tape certain shows off their home televisions. They'd play blurry tapes that contained commercials. With Direct TV and TiVo, instructors can capture crystal clear programs and replay them as often as necessary.

C-SPAN frequently covers live footage of the United States congress. Is there a better way to learn about politics than watching real-life politicians in action? If my high school had had Direct TV, I'm sure my Criminal Justice teacher would have shown us some Court TV programs. A business teacher can show his students Bloomberg Television, the same programming watched by Vice Presidents and CEOs.

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