Hdtv Tuner

Written by Gregg Ruais
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An HDTV tuner brings unparalleled picture quality and sound into people's homes. According to Direct TV's technical gurus, the aspect ratio of an HD signal equals 16:9, which is the same width to height ratio found in movie theaters. When appropriate, HD channels transmit wide screen signals. Wide screen footage represents everything that movie directors intended their audiences to see. Believe it or not, large portions of movies are actually clipped from view when adjusted to fit your standard dimensioned television.

HDTV Enhances Home Entertainment

An HDTV tuner makes bright colors appear even more colorful. Darker colors contain more nuances; on a standard television, a very dark brown is likely to appear black, but an HDTV tuner differentiates between very dark colors and complete blackness. Moreover, the picture is much sharper on an HD monitor. When watching basketball, viewers can literally see the beads of sweat forming on players' foreheads. Those minute details would be blurred out on regular programming.

Some television show directors absolutely hate high definition television. Many soap operas are filmed on old television sets. There are cracks in the walls, and the props are not nearly as picturesque as they sometimes appear to be. On HD channels, however, those imperfections are easily detected.

Moreover, the music and sound heard while watching HD programs are as clear and distinct as movie theater effects. Many HD customers find that setting up surround sound systems greatly enhances their home theater experiences. The majority of televisions do not have the world's greatest speakers, and a surround sound setup transforms someone's living room into an entertainment center.

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