Satellite Installers

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Although installing satellite systems can take more work than setting up cable, many dish providers offer free installation to compete with the cable companies. The people who hook up satellite dishes have to take several factors into consideration, including location and possible signal obstructions. Some companies guarantee quality installation by only hiring people who have at least five years of experience with satellite setups.

Customers Require Professional Installers

It's entirely possible for less qualified workers to botch installation. When an installer places a dish on the wrong side of someone's rooftop, the roofing actually becomes a shield that keeps satellite signals away from the dish. A trained professional, on the other hand, will know where the satellite signals come from and accordingly, will place the dish on the appropriate side.

Moreover, satellite installers know how to situate dishes so that natural obstructions will not interfere with signals. Trees can potentially block airwaves, and experienced technicians will know which branches, if any, will need to be chopped in order to ensure strong reception. These are things that most people would not know on their own.

Satellite installers are responsible for securing the stability of satellite dishes. Strong winds and other adverse weather conditions should never take someone's dish down. Many installations come with 90-day warranties. Some aspects of installation, such as the mounting of dishes more than 25 feet above the ground and drilling through more than one wall are not covered under the standard installation pricing.

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