Satellite Systems

Written by Laurie Nichol
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Have you been wondering why satellite systems are luring long-time cable watchers over to their side? While cable programming made revolutionary changes in home entertainment, the new alternatives like Direct TV and the Dish Network have left it in the dust. In picture and sound quality, access to programming, and especially cost, satellite systems have earned their place above the competition.

Forget About Cable!

How do satellite systems provide such higher quality picture and sound? Since your signal is broadcast down from satellites in the atmosphere, it doesn't get distorted by houses, trees, and landforms the way a traditional television signal does. From the sky to your rooftop-it makes a huge difference in the type of reception and quality you watch!

Digital television has been a quickly-approaching phenomenon in home entertainment. But while cable systems have been offering it only on limited channels, satellite systems provide many more high definition options. Ditching the old-style analog systems of cable is truly worth it, once you've seen HDTV.

Getting down to the most important detail for some of us, the cost of digital satellite TV, brings us to more good news. The cheaper price tag that comes with superior dish systems is what leads most people to switch in the first place-all those fees and taxes associated with the cable bill are now history. Great viewing packages, enhanced guide and programming features, and also undeniable savings--it's no wonder everyone's ditching cable!

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