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Written by Gregg Ruais
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Satellite subscribers commonly issue complaints about the lack of local programming offered by Direct TV. It's true that the Direct TV dish does not pick up signals sent by local television channels, and it's also true that people actually have to pay extra money to receive some of the channels provided by the most basic cable services. For this reason, Direct TV lowered its prices by a few dollars per month. People who want to pay extra for the local channels end up spending exactly what they would have paid for cable.

For a one-time fee, Direct TV provides people with sophisticated antennae that convert airwaves sent by local stations into clear television images. These antennae are easy to install and come with securing devices that prevent wind from knocking them off rooftops. Unfortunately, those who live farther than 70 miles from local TV stations may not get these channels.

Local Channels Near You

Direct TV has an extensive listing of the cities where local stations are available. People living in the major cities, such as Boston, New York, and Los Angeles, will definitely have access to local programming if they want it. There are hundreds of other cities as well, and people living in nearby suburbs and rural areas will also receive signals. Potential customers can find out the availability of local channels by contacting Direct TV providers.

Direct TV is constantly adding new cities to its scope of local television coverage. Customers who do not get local stations today might have access to them in a few months. Satellite television is an ever-growing industry. Direct TV plans on converting everyone to satellite, and in order to accomplish that goal, they have to make sure every can receive as many channels as possible.

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