Satellite Tv

Written by Laurie Nichol
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Why do so many television viewers think that satellite television is superior to cable TV? While cable viewers have enjoyed the perks of their choice, like a wide variety of channels, and the option to have premium channels and pay-per-view choices, there are some undeniable pluses involved with switching to satellite TV. Many people are surprised at how easy it is to set up.

Getting Satellite Television Hooked Up in Your Home

The term "satellite" might seem pretty high-tech, which it is, but that doesn't mean that the process is complicated or confusing. Not in the least - in fact, it's an extremely simple process with only three components to familiarize yourself with. You'll be getting a small satellite dish, a receiver box, and a remote control.

Many people worry that the installation process will be difficult. Actually, it's pretty simple - you just mount the satellite somewhere outside the house, facing south. If you already have cable TV, using RX-6 cable, then you can continue to use that cable (if not, you'll need to run new cable). Mounting the dish and running the cable don't take very long at all.

But, even better is the fact that many Dish TV companies offer free Direct TV installation, if you sign up for a plan of a certain length. So, you won't even have to worry that your satellite dish is mounted incorrectly, or your cable is run in the wrong way. Once you find a reliable dish supplier and network service, you can make an appointment to have the equipment installed, and you could be watching crisp, clear, all-digital satellite TV.

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