Satellite Tv

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Satellite TV provides customers with more channels and options than they could get through any other service. The main reason for this is that satellites receive signals from TV stations all over the world. Someone in New York can watch a broadcast out of L.A. Movie channels, sports channels, and even news channels air different programming in various parts of the country.

Hence, satellite TV gives people a plethora of viewing options. Many movie channels have names that end with the words "East" and "West." Usually, the same movies air on both of these channels. However, those movies appear on the "East" channels three hours prior to their appearance on the "West" stations. People living on the East Coast who don't want to watch their 8PM movie can tune in to the 5PM movie playing on the West Coast. Likewise, Californians don't have to wait until 11PM to see certain shows, as they can easily watch same programming at 8PM by watching the "East" version of a channel.

The entire satellite channel lineup exemplifies choice. There are dozens of available movie channels, ranging from staples like HBO and Showtime to lesser-known options like True Stories and Mystery. The major channels air popular shows, comedy acts, and new movies as they become available, while the niche channels, like Love, show classics that many people enjoy watching over and over again.

Does Satellite TV Offer Too Many Channels?

With so many channels available, satellite TV customers rarely find themselves complaining that nothing good is on television. If anything, people become exasperated at having so many choices. Direct TV customers have hundreds of channels from which to choose, and making decisions can actually be a daunting challenge. However, once people become accustomed to using the channel guide, finding a good program becomes the easiest thing in the world.

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