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Written by Laurie Nichol
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Whether you're a TV aficionado who wants the best picture and sound quality possible or just someone whose busy household demands a wide variety of programming, it's likely that going with satellite TV is your best option. Find out why more and more Americans are switching over from cable - it's not just the picture quality, but also the programming variety, accessibility, and, of course, low cost. Before you choose between satellite TV providers and systems, however, you might want to read up on the details.

Some Comparable Options . . .

It's true that satellite TV is far better than cable in many ways, especially in quality and cost. But, how does one choose between the providers? There are some subtle differences between the main companies, like Dish TV and Direct TV that you'll want to consider, once you've assessed your own family's needs and preferences.

The Costs of Satellite TV

So how much is it? Well, that depends, of course, on the type of programming you want to access. Like cable TV, you choose a basic package and then augment it if you desire with local channels, premium channels, and premium services, such as TV Guide.

You'll still have a monthly bill, but it will be substantially lower than a cable bill for the same amount of programming. So what's the hitch? Well, to some people, the idea of buying the equipment gives them pause. There are three components of the Direct TV system that you'll need to have.

If you just do a little searching, however, you'll be able to find some great deals that negate these costs! For example, you may already have heard of free Direct TV installation and equipment. If you sign up for a certain contract, then some companies can offer these perks, which make the costs of having satellite TV even lower.

There's a lot of satellite TV and Direct TV info out there - in print advertising, on TV commercials, and on the 'Net. It's a good idea, before you start looking for the right deal, to think about what your household will benefit from the most. Before you rush out and buy a system, figure out if you need a single-room or a multi-room system, and what auxiliaries you might want to purchase, as well.

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