Tivo Upgrade

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Many people have VCRs and DVD recorders that feature timer options and give them the ability to watch one program while recording another. These standard recording devices have served those purposes for years, making some people wonder what the TiVo rage is all about. Direct TV customers who initially decline the TiVo option often decide to upgrade their systems to incorporate TiVo after they learn that digital video recording units offer benefits that far exceed those provided by traditional taping devices.

For example, TiVo systems can record two programs concurrently, something no other recording machine can do. Moreover, TiVo makes recording and playback easy. It's not uncommon for people to set their VCR timers while they go out and come home to a still-blank VHS tape or a tape that contains black-and-white fuzz. With VCRs and DVD recorders, people have to make sure the AM-PM buttons are set correctly, ensure the cable boxes are on and tuned to the right channels, and set their televisions to the appropriate stations. There are just so many variables to worry about.

TiVo Is User-Friendly

With TiVo, people can tune in to their Direct TV Channel Guides and select the programs they want to record. That's all the work that needs to be done. The machine takes care of the rest. Because the channel guides are so easy to read, it's very hard to botch a TiVo recording.

TiVo gives people the option of recording entire seasons of shows or sports programs. For example, with one simple command, a person can program their recorders to capture all the episodes of "North Shore." This way, when emergencies arise, people don't have to worry about telling their TiVos what to do. "North Shore" will be recorded automatically, whether or not the viewer gets to see the show.

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