Oscilloscope Kits

Written by Patty Yu
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Testing equipment, such as oscilloscope kits, are purchased and used in a wide range of vertical markets, including research, educational institutions, telecommunications, and semiconductors. Many hobbyists also use oscilloscope kits. This diverse market range results in many different types of end-user groups, who have varying application requirements and also different budgeting restraints.

In order to make the most well-informed decision, engineers and other oscilloscope users must choose equipment that will provide the best return on investment. Thorough examination of short-term and long-term need is conducted by most testing engineers to determine which piece of equipment will best meet those needs. For example, engineers who use oscilloscopes infrequently may consider purchasing a model with lower performance.

Many companies who sell testing equipment are starting to offer more purchasing options, which are driving competition. Options to finance and trade in, as well as offering insurance give consumers more choices. The engineer purchasing a lower performance model may do so knowing he or she can trade in the oscilloscope kit for more sophisticated kits as his or her testing needs change.

Oscilloscope Price Changes

As technology improves, oscilloscope kits are also becoming more sophisticated. While low-end oscilloscope prices drop, high-end oscilloscope prices are increasing. The price increases, however, are due to product development. Price/performance ratios of testing equipment like oscilloscopes are actually continuously improving, which means engineers are getting more for their money.

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