About Solar Energy

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Learning about solar energy makes for exciting discoveries about the possibilities for alternative energy. The concept of independence is appealing, whatever the subject, and going solar certainly means becoming more self-sufficient. Many customers of PG&E would gladly become ex-customers if they were aware of the many benefits of installing a solar system in their home or business.

First, solar energy is free and solar systems are affordable, with cash rebates and tax credits available from the California Energy Commission (CEC). You can't get much more reliable than the certainty the sun will come up every morning! Second, a most important fact about solar energy is that it does not use fossil fuels, and does not emit any pollution, including noise pollution. It is quiet, and clean.

A List of Advantages

Third, using solar energy will let you take environmentally-responsible action to protect our planet. A photovoltaic (PV) system in your home can prevent 11,323 pounds of carbon dioxide from entering our atmosphere in the first year alone. You can directly affect the amount of greenhouse gases and global warming.

Fourth, you will be prepared for outages and the continuing energy crisis--you won't have either one! Instead of being a consumer of PG&E's sporadic electricity, you will be your very own producer of reliable electricity. Fifth, you will relieve the burden on aging power lines and grids, and decrease our nation's dependence on oil imports. Last, but perhaps not least, you may be the first on your block to get solar power, and you can entertain your neighbors with your backward-spinning meter!

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