Alternative Energy Association

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Alternative energy association listings are abundant on the Internet. If you want to know more about any aspect of alternative energy, do a search for any number of topics that will zero in on your particular interest. Every state has alternative energy organizations; some are of general interest, some quite specific, such as hydrogen use.

If you want to narrow your search to California, or Northern California, you will find myriad resources to provide you with scientific and practical information regarding costs, installation, and types of systems for renewable energy. A good place to start is the California Energy Commission, which maintains a Website filled with details about requirements, applications, forms, and legalities.

Associations Promote Renewable Energy

Should you have difficulty pinpointing the organization you want, try the University of California Energy Institute. Groups of consumers who advocate alternative energy include the Northern California Solar Energy Association (NCSEA) and the California Solar Energy Industries Association. The California Solar Center and California Climate Action Registry are also good resources.

Each of these organizations is an excellent alternative energy association that dispenses valuable information about alternative energy, solar systems, and climate changes. They promote conservation of our resources and provide accurate, scientific facts about the damage we are doing to our environment. By letting the facts speak for themselves, they make a persuasive case for alternative resources of energy.

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