Alternative Energy Magazine

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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An alternative energy magazine is a good way to stay current on the latest developments in this field. New laws, both in California and at the federal level, are passed that directly affect consumers who are considering renewable energy systems. Technological improvements make alternative energy systems more practical and effective, and bring down the cost.

Smaller libraries might not carry any magazines in this field, but larger libraries should offer several publications. Nationwide, magazines whose subject is alternative energy are growing in number and in readers, as energy crises in the states gain notoriety. Libraries are always an excellent, nearby resource for information, of course, and they might carry an alternative energy magazine when local bookstores do not.

The Internet

Going online is one way to browse websites for information, but unless you pinpoint a particular organization, you can waste time without finding answers to any questions you have. You can find both general and detailed information about various kinds of renewable energy sources, as well as practical advice on installation and operation of these energy systems.

Between the Internet and magazines, you should be able to explore the future of renewable energy, both in practical application in your home or business, and in terms of saving our planet. Some magazines are devoted solely to solar design, costs, and installation. If you are a do-it-yourself person who wants to install your own solar system, you can find plenty of practical assistance in magazines and on the Internet.

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