Bay Area Commercial Solar

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Bay Area commercial solar is in the forefront of the march to renewable energy sources. The future is here, and, as usual, Northern California is a leader in the conservation of our resources. With an eye on the recent energy crisis, commercial leaders are realizing that solar for business means greater security.

Commercial solar is practical, affordable, and reliable. With recent technological advances, solar is also aesthetically pleasing. All in all, solar has so many advantages over paying escalating bills to PG&E, that it is hard to see why a business owner would not at least consider this environmentally-friendly source of power.

Good Business Reasons for Going Solar

Electricity bills keep rising; during the recent energy crisis, businesses saw their bills soar. Producing your own electricity is, on the face of it, a way to drastically reduce this bill. Power outages and rolling blackouts will continue; if you have a photovoltaic (PV) solar system backed up by a natural gas or propane generator, you are protected.

Solar systems are clean, safe, and quiet. They do not intrude on the business atmosphere in any way. Don't forget that any Bay Area commercial solar system is entitled to the rebates from the California Energy Commission (CEC), and the tax credits from the state. If you want to do your part to change the way power is produced and distributed, a solar system makes good sense.

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