Business Solar

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Business solar is a primary means of protecting your business from continuing fall-out from the recent power crisis in California. Businesses were hit especially hard by the dramatic jump in electricity bills. Suddenly, commercial operations were threatened with drastic cuts in their profits, and some smaller businesses were faced with shutting the doors of their enterprise altogether.

You do not have to weather that kind of crisis again, at least, not because of statewide electricity problems beyond your control. Commercial solar systems will entitle you to rebates and tax credits from the state. You will have your own independent source of power that you can count on even through rolling blackouts.

Financing Is Available

Solar energy is free; on the other hand, rates for electricity in California have risen an average of 6% a year between 1970 and 2001! This rise will, of course, continue. Solar for businesses permits you to opt out of this escalating situation and out of any future electricity catastrophes.

Besides tax credits and rebates, business solar is specifically targeted by lending institutions to encourage investments in renewable energy systems. Minorities and women who own businesses are eligible for subsidized and targeted loans through the Small Business Administration. For answers to any questions regarding requirements for systems and financing, go online to the website of the California Energy Commission.

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