California Solar

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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California solar is rapidly gaining in popularity. Going solar has been given a tremendous boost by recent PG&E outages, blackouts in the eastern section of the nation--and escalating electricity bills in California. Frustrated customers of the power companies are investigating alternative energy sources, and they are realizing that they can break their dependence on commercial electricity suppliers.

There are viable options--not only practicable, but beneficial to property owners and to all of California. Solar systems have many advantages for individual homeowners and business owners, but also are actually good for the environment. Collectively, solar systems would provide dramatic protection for our polluted cities and valleys, and, ultimately, for our planet.

Clean, Quiet, Renewable, Durable, Economical, Affordable, Dependable!

Since California solar uses the sun's energy to produce electricity, its energy source is renewed every time the sun comes up. With no moving parts, no pollution, and no service interruptions, solar systems retain the best features of a conventional power supply and eliminate the disadvantages. Simple in design, solar panels have a 25-year warranty, but a life expectancy of 40 years.

The California Energy Commission offers cash rebates, and the Franchise Tax Board administers the tax credits that apply to solar systems. The cost of going solar can be cut by up to 50% by these financial incentives. Solar systems bring direct benefits to the homeowner, business owner, and to the preservation of the beauty of California.

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