Commercial Power

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Commercial power has been jeopardized recently by the energy crisis in California and the fall-out from deregulation. Rates soared, profits went down, and the electricity supply dwindled. Needless to say, Californians, at least, realized that alternatives to conventional production and distribution of electricity were vital.

Coupled with inadequate electricity grids and lines, this crisis has led residential and commercial customers of PG&E to look to other, more reliable, sources of energy. Fortunately, the infinite power of the sun is available to us through simple, clean solar modules. No need to be dependent on the erratic, expensive electricity sold to us by electricity utility companies.

Solar Energy Is Dependable

The benefits of solar commercial energy are many. Starting with simplicity of design, solar systems have no moving parts to cause problems. The systems need little or no maintenance, perhaps a washing in areas that are especially dusty. Usually, the rain cleans the solar panels adequately.

With a definite and reliable source of energy from the sun, solar systems quietly and cleanly produce electricity for commercial power needs. No fossil fuels are used, no pollution is emitted into the atmosphere. Indeed, by using the energy from the sun, solar systems make a definite contribution to cleaner air and cleaner water for our future.

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