Electric Solar

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Electric solar is the future. Alternative resources of energy must be explored. Power outages and rolling blackouts will continue; electricity rates will continue to climb; fossil fuels will continue to be consumed at an alarming pace. Our cities and our Central Valley are smoggy and our waterways are polluted.

If we persist in creating greenhouse gases and in contributing to the warming of our atmosphere, we invite further disaster. All told, we must consider alternative energy not as a luxury, but as a necessity for survival. Solar energy is practicable right now, and solar systems can be installed right now with great savings from the State of California.

Savings Encourage Going Solar

With good cash rebates and tax credits in effect, California has tried to encourage solar installation among its citizens. The fiscal crisis has already had its negative effect on these financial incentives, however. The authorizing legislation called for a 15% tax credit in 2003, and 7.5% credit for 2004-2005. The enabling legislation sunsets on January 1, 2006.

The cash rebate was originally $3.80 per watt, or $3,800 per kilowatt, but the budget crunch caused it to be lowered to $3.20 per watt. The schools solar program has been canceled for lack of funds. If you are even thinking about electric solar, explore it soon so you can take advantage of any financial incentives that remain in effect.

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