Going Solar

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Going solar is one of the smartest moves a consumer can make. Once you stop being a customer of PG&E and become a producer of your own electricity, you will start reaping the benefits of having your personal, independent power supply. No more sporadic electricity and high bills; no more inconvenient outages that ruin food and jeopardize the health of the ill who are connected to life-saving machinery.

Solar electricity brings stability to your home or business. With a dependable power supply, your home and business activities continue without interruption. Businesses in the Bay Area lose millions of dollars during outages. In electric households, cooking comes to a halt, and such important activities as homework get done by candlelight.

Be Free of PG&E

You can change all this for the better by going solar. With a solar system, you can reduce or do away with your electricity bill. Solar property owners often have bills of zero! The sun's energy is free, renewed every day, and produces no pollution.

With your own power supply you can rely on, you will save money and have a long-lasting system with a 25-year warranty and a life expectancy of 40 years. No moving parts means no wear-and-tear and no maintenance. Contrast a sturdy solar system with PG&E's aging power lines and grids. With no noise, no pollution, no outages and no maintenance, solar electric is an incredible bargain!

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