Marin Solar

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Marin solar is widespread relative to other parts of Northern California, and especially compared to other sections of California. Marin County has been for years in the forefront of environmentally-responsible movements. Renowned for its natural beauty, winding rural roads, and spectacular coastline, Marin draws visitors from the Bay Area and beyond to its Point Reyes National Seashore.

With a population so aware of the fragility of our natural resources, it is fitting that Marin is a stronghold of solar electricity systems. Perhaps because of the rural nature of the towns in West Marin which have been ravaged by winter storms, people in Marin are very conscious of the precarious quality of their power supply. Going solar is perfect for the homes and businesses in this county.

Advantages for Marin Residents

In a county so susceptible to interrupted power caused by natural factors, outages resulting from PG&E problems are unacceptable. Crews take a long time to reach West Marin, for instance, and, in the meantime, people make do. Wouldn't your own electricity supply make a crucial difference in your quality of life?

Once you become a producer of electricity instead of a consumer, you store any excess electricity you generate, and you can then draw on that account at a time when you require more energy than you produce. With no pollution, no noise, and no high electricity bills, Marin solar brings stability and peace of mind--and breaks dependence on PG&E.

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