Photo Voltaic Power

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Photo voltaic power is one of the solar systems approved by the California Energy Commission for cash rebates. Photo voltaic (PV) modules have a simple design and a simple function--to produce electricity quietly and cleanly. Solar electric, or PV solar, systems make electricity using only sunlight.

Modules, or panels, convert sunlight into electricity, and an inverter then changes this direct current into the alternating current used in homes and businesses. Add the switchgear and ground fault protection, and the system is complete. As soon as installation is finished, your photo voltaic power supply supplants that of PG&E.

Adaptable to Roofs or Gardens

As long as your roof has a good southern exposure, without obstruction from trees or buildings, your solar system will be perfectly situated. Sun from the east and west, however, will also be fine; a different design for the arrays will take care of the situation. Solar is adaptable to variously configured roofs, but can also be set up in the yard or garden if that is preferable.

Whether flush-mounted on the roof, or angled to catch the east-west path of the sun, modules can produce most or all of your power needs. In fact, many property owners with solar generate excess electricity which they can draw on at times when their use is heavier. With the cash rebates from the State of California, solar becomes very affordable for homes and businesses.

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