Residential Solar Systems

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Residential solar systems can free your dependence on conventional electricity produced by PG&E. By harnessing the limitless energy from the sun, the simple design of solar modules effectively powers your home. The inverter converts the direct current into the alternating current used in residential and commercial buildings, and the system begins to generate electricity right away.

Not only that, but you can "bank" excess electricity with PG&E, and it is required by law to let you draw on your account during periods of heavier usage by your household. You can store electricity, and you can also reduce or eliminate your electricity bill! It is absolutely true that you can watch your meter run backward as your solar house produces your own electricity.

Going from Consumer to Producer

People who have "gone solar" have taken a big jump from being energy consumers to becoming energy producers. This crucial change means you would no longer have to rely on PG&E to supply a necessity of life. The recent energy crisis in California was disastrous for residents and business owners alike, as well as the state economy.

Because of aging power grids and lines, electricity supply in the future will not be reliable. Rates will continue to rise; they have increased an average of 6% every year since 1970! Take a look at the information on residential solar systems in this Website and see if you wouldn't prefer an affordable, clean, dependable source of power for you and your family.

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