Solar For Buildings

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Solar for buildings brings many benefits to the property owner: increased property value, dependable power supply, initial savings with financial incentives, and inexpensive, renewable energy production. These gains are immediate upon solar installation in a residence or business. Any building with a solar system will increase in value by about the pre-rebate amount of the system.

Studies show that energy-efficient homes are best sellers; buyers are looking for good deals, of course, and house features that conserve energy and save money are an immediate draw for potential buyers. Cost-efficient and energy-efficient attributes in business contribute to greater profitability, and make the enterprise more attractive to financial institutions. Solar for buildings is recognized as a system that not only enhances the value of the buildings, but is part of the solution for our energy crisis.

California's Fiscal Crisis

The State of California has encouraged going solar with its cash rebates and tax credits, but currently, these programs may be in trouble. With budget cuts a certainty, the financial incentives that cut the cost of solar systems by up to 50% may be reduced or ended. Check the website of the California Energy Commission for the latest developments.

Any emergency in our state, whether power- or money-based, is mitigated by conservation of resources. Solar takes the load off PG&E's grid and cuts the amount of electricity that must be produced commercially. Consideration of solar energy is not just timely, but important to preservation of the beauty of the Golden State.

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