Solar Contractor

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Any solar contractor you are considering for your solar installation should have professional credentials, but also personal qualities that make the contractor easy to work with. Professionally, a person who is going to install any item in your home should have a background that assures you of quality workmanship. In the Bay Area, there are licensed and bonded contractors who also have construction and electrical experience.

Select a contractor who is not just in the business of installing solar modules, but who is supportive of the purposes of going solar--efficient production of electricity for the property owner, and protection of our environment. Such an involved and skilled contractor will care about detail and good design. That means the finished system will be aesthetically pleasing and unobtrusive on the property site.

Questions to Ask

Any consumer is wise to do a bit of comparison shopping before buying any product. Go online to explore websites of Northern California solar companies; phone and talk to the owners personally, if possible. Ask about prices, rebates, financial incentives, and financing so you get an overview. Be sure to request a free site inspection and evaluation.

How fast can the solar contractor and the crew install your solar system? Are they backed up, or short of employees so you will have a waiting period, or can they get you up and running shortly after the paperwork is finished? Finally, you definitely want a contractor who listens to your needs, and who is good at communication.

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