Solar Electric

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Solar electric substitutes a renewable, durable system for PG&E's aging, sometimes-overwhelmed power grids. Solar units have their energy source renewed every day as the sun's rays reach solar modules and are converted into electricity for residential and commercial use. No outages, no rolling blackouts.

In order to receive the cost-cutting cash rebates and tax credits from the State of California, commercial and residential solar systems must be permanently connected to PG&E's grid. Solar customers are spared the intermittent electricity supply from PG&E, however, because of the back-up systems that can be installed along with solar units. Natural gas or propane can be used, and are as clean and quiet as the solar unit. Battery back-up systems can also be installed, but they add to the cost, and cut the efficiency of the solar system somewhat.

Be a Pioneer

There is nothing risky about installing a solar system on your property. In fact, there are a multitude of benefits that start accruing to the fortunate property owner as soon as the system is up and running. Although solar is widespread in the United States and Europe, it still creates a stir in a neighborhood when the first homeowner invites neighbors over to watch the meter spin backward!

These progressive property owners often feel like pioneers, as they lead the way in their area to a clearly-superior power supply. How exciting to set an example and be able to educate friends and family about an affordable, solar electric alternative to commercial electricity companies. By doing yourself a favor, you do your friends--and your planet--a much bigger favor.

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