Solar Electricity

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Solar electricity is generated from a most reliable source--the limitless energy of the sun. Every day the sun comes up, shines on Planet Earth, and rejuvenates life in all its forms. Unlike commercial electricity supplied by conventional power companies, the sun's rays are free and dependable.

Surprisingly, solar systems have just recently started to encroach on PG&E's production of electricity. Customers have been hit with outages, the severe energy crisis in this state, and high electricity bills. Going solar has become a very desirable option to erratic power and escalating rates.

You Don't Even Know It's There

Unlike noisy generators and humming power substations, solar electricity is quiet and clean. Virtually maintenance-free, solar modules have no moving parts to cause problems or noise. No rattling, pinging, or humming. With a 25-year warranty and a life expectancy of 40 years, these modules will bring to your home the reliability and affordability you want.

Customers are impressed with the attractive appearance of the modules, which can usually be flush-mounted on the roof of your house or business. Even though they might be visible because sunlight is hitting them, they merely reflect some of the brightness from the sun. A good, professional contractor and crew pay attention to detail to ensure that the modules blend into your roof and your surroundings.

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