Solar House

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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A solar house brings many benefits to the owners, from considerable savings on electricity bills to increased property value. Above all, however, solar for homes directly affects quality-of-life issues. These are the concerns that, if met with intelligence, can uplift our lives.

Going solar affects our immediate environment, but it also ameliorates the deterioration of our earth's air, water, and biomes. As for our daily surroundings, solar creates a pollution-free setting that contributes to healthier living. All you will hear from your solar system as it produces electricity for you is silence.

The Larger Picture

One solar house prevents thousands of pounds of greenhouse gases from being emitted into the atmosphere. The United States is the leading industrial country in the world, and the leading consumer of the earth's fossil fuels. Think what it would mean to our planet if we cut or reversed global warming, or if we did not need to extract the last of our fossil fuels from the earth.

Marvelous accomplishments have brought wetlands back to life, have restored areas that are crucial to migratory birds, and have protected wildlife habitats. Smoggy cities and polluted waterways could become hazards from the past. If many, many people went solar, thereby slashing our use of fossil fuels, quality of life would be vastly improved for ourselves and for our wild animals.

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