Solar Panel

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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A solar panel is quite simple, but very effective in gathering the sun's rays to produce electricity. A photovoltaic (PV) system is efficient in using the free and bountiful energy from the sun to generate electricity for part or all of the needs of a household or business. Electric solar uses a solar panel that makes direct-current electricity; an inverter converts this to alternating current, which is the type of electricity used in buildings.

Solar systems are the most popular alternative energy units. Affordable and durable, these designs provide a practicable option for property owners who want to enhance the value of their property while cutting or eliminating their electricity bill. A PV panel may be an uncomplicated item, but it does an enormous job.

No Maintenance Necessary

One of the best characteristics of a solar system is its inconspicuous presence. Silent and undemanding, solar needs no maintenance. No parts wear out, and nothing needs lubricating. Rain does the cleaning, and water from a garden hose does a good job of cleaning during severe dust or pollen seasons.

Efficient, simple, affordable, and durable, solar is a wonderful complement to a household that is already dedicated to recycling, composting, and renewable energy. As part of a lifestyle committed to conserving energy and preserving natural settings and wildlife, solar makes perfect sense. Considering the condition of our state's energy supply and its financial status, solar may become a necessity in order to maintain a comfortable lifestyle.

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