Solar Panels Prices

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Solar panels prices are an integral part of the total system cost, and there are various formulas that can give an approximate total for your circumstances. One of the best solar modules, or panels, is Kyocera. Basing prices on this module, let's say you select a 5 kW system, which would probably be the upper limit needed by an average home.

You would need about 36 modules, which, according to the California Energy Commission (CEC), will produce about 25.3 kWh (kilowatts per hour) per day; an average of about 759 kWh per month; 9,239 kWh per year. Check your electricity bill; if you have a smaller house, or smaller family, you will not use this much electricity and will not need this many solar panels. All the more reason to have a professional on-site inspection by a solar contractor, who can determine the system size you need.

Before and After Rebates

Currently, the price for the above system would be about $39,000. Deducting the current rebate of $3.20 per watt, or $3,200 per kW, brings the price down to $23,000. With the current state tax credit rate of 7.5%, that makes the total cost about $21,275.

You can see that whatever size system you acquire, the CEC's financial incentives cut the cost by almost 50%. Solar panels prices make up the bulk of the system; the other major portion of the cost is the actual installation. With the CEC's funding and incentives possibly jeopardized by the state's fiscal emergency and proposed budget cuts, consider going solar soon.

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