1 800 Numbers

Written by Jill Morrison
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1 800 numbers can improve businesses that wish to acquire a larger customer base. They are toll free, so customers will not have to pay to contact your company. In other words, customers are more likely to call you business for information or to purchase a product if their phone call is free.

If you do not have a toll free number for your business, your customer base may be limited to your area code. 1 800 numbers allow customers to contact you from various locations. In turn, your incoming calls will increase and your business is also likely to increase.

Plan Options for 1 800 Numbers

There are many different plans to choose from with 1 800 numbers. You will incur charges for using a toll free number, but your increase in business revenue will make these charges worthwhile. It would be wise to compare rates and benefits options of different service plans before purchasing a toll free number.

You can customize you plan to include various additional feature. Enhanced features may help to increase productivity in your business. Options include call recording, vanity numbers, custom routing, inbound faxing, voice mail, and website account management.

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