800 Phone Numbers

Written by Jill Morrison
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800 phone numbers are highly recommended for any business with an active phone line. 800 numbers are toll free, so customers will not have to pay for calling your company. Therefore, customers will be much more likely to call for information and order a product.

If your business does not have a toll free number, your business line will include the area code for your location. Then, business will be limited mostly to your area. 800 phone numbers allow customers to contact you easily from various locations.

Plan Options for 800 Phone Numbers

Every plan for 800 phone numbers is different. It is wise to compare rates and benefits of different 800 services before purchasing your toll free number. You will have to pay charges for using an 800 number, but you will also likely receive more business due to its installment.

You can choose from various additions to your toll free plan. Options include custom routing, voice mail, inbound faxing, call recording, vanity numbers, and website account management. Enhanced toll free features may increase the productivity of your business and its incoming calls.

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