Answering Machine

Written by Jill Morrison
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An answering machine is common in most households and businesses. It allows you to receive messages from callers when you are away from your phone. Without this machine, you could miss important calls and valuable information.

Answering Machine Options

Answering machines have been a common communication tool for many years. There are various types, brands, and sizes of machines to choose from. You can even choose the color of your machine so that it will match the decor in your home or office.

There have been message developments in recent years. Many people have switched to voice mail instead of using a machine. In this case, you can listen to your messages directly from your phone rather than from an external machine.

Households are more likely to continue to use an answering machine in the home. Most businesses have switched to voice mail. This tends to be cheaper, more efficient, and takes up less space in the office because you do not need to purchase a machine in order to hear messages.

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