Caller Id Software

Written by Jill Morrison
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Caller ID software will eliminate the need to screen calls. With caller ID, you will always know who is calling. The phone number and also the name of the caller will be displayed on your phone screen every time the phone rings.

Caller ID Software Characteristics

Caller ID Software is becoming a standard measure for telephone use. Every cell phone has this feature. Most land line phones are capable of using caller ID, but you will have to pay extra for the service.

Caller ID Software is very helpful in social and business life. Socially, you will not have to screen calls before recognizing the caller. For business, you can know in advance when you are receiving an important business call.

If you do not want your number to be seen on other caller ID phones, you have options. You can block a single call for a small one time fee. You can also pay a monthly fee to block your name and number entirely from any caller ID system.

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