Communication Services

Written by Jill Morrison
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Communication services offer various service plans and equipment for communicating with other. Traditionally, the post office and telephone companies were the primary sources of communication service. Today, there are countless options because of digital and internet advancements.

Types of Communication Services

There are many different types of communication services. Cell phones have exploded into the communication market. The Internet has also helped to create more ways to converse quickly, efficiently, and often instantly.

Cell phones allow people to talk on the phone from any location. Cell phones offer features such as caller ID and voice mail, internet service, and the ability to take and send digital pictures. Cell phones tend to be used much more often than home phones now, and are considered the most popular of all telecommunication services.

The Internet has fueled the development of many new communication forms. Of course, you can surf the Web, work on documents, organize tasks, and send e-mail on the Internet. Now you can also make conference calls over the Internet, instant message, and fax documents online.

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