Conference Calling

Written by Jill Morrison
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Conference calling allows for people in various locations to participate in the same business meeting. You can share ideas as they happen, rather than taking the time to travel to a separate location for a meeting. Businesses have saved a great deal of time and energy because of this tool.

Conference Calling Features

There are currently two types of conference calling formats. You can use the standard audio conferencing and communicate with telephones. You can also use web conferencing by creating and collaborating on documents while online.

Audio conference calling uses basic telephone conferencing to hold a meeting. You can discuss issues and ideas over the phone with various people across the country. You can now utilize a private discussion room, rather than setting up a conference with an operator.

Web conferencing allows people to create and change documents in real time. In the past, you would have to e-mail documents back and forth. With web conferencing, you will save time and it is a collaborative process.

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