Home Phone

Written by Jill Morrison
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A home phone allows you to receive calls at your household. You can choose from many different shapes, sizes, colors and brands of telephones to use. You can also choose from many different types of service plans for your phone.

There are many types of service plans that you can purchase for your household phone. You can choose a plan that only allows for local calls, or a long distance plan if you are frequently calling other area codes. You also have the option of adding various features such as caller ID, 3-way calling, voice mail, and call waiting.

Home Phone Alternatives

Other than for businesses, a home phone used to be the primary way for people to utilize telecommunications. Today, there are countless ways to communicate by phone. You can use cellular phones, pagers, text messaging, instant messaging, e-mail, call forwarding, faxing, and conference calling to get in touch with others.

Cell phones have tremendously grown in popularity over the years. They are so common now, that many use their cell phone as a home phone as well. Cell phones allow you to talk anywhere, listen to messages with voice mail, and also utilize caller ID and call waiting as you would at home.

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