Instant Messaging Services

Written by Jill Morrison
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Instant messaging services are an impressive and popular means for communicating online. It can be used to contact family, friends, or co-workers. Instant messaging software can be downloaded for free to any computer with internet access.

There are many instant messaging services to choose from. AOL, Microsoft, and Yahoo are among the popular versions. If you already use a particular type of internet service, such as AOL, you may also want to use the same service for instant messaging.

Instant Messaging Services for Businesses

Instant messaging services are widely used by businesses. They allow for instant, real time communication. Issues can be addressed and solved quickly with instant messaging.

Some businesses are initially hesitant to incorporate instant messaging into their business. It can be difficult to monitor or control. Yet, the benefits outweigh this possibility, and instant messaging continues to grow in popularity for business and social life.

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