Ip Fax

Written by Jill Morrison
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An IP fax stands for Internet Provider Fax. In other words, it is a fax machine for your computer. With this software program, you will have no need for a clunky fax machine and you will spend less money on the faxing process.

IP Fax Characteristics

With and IP fax, you can receive faxes from local or toll-free numbers through e-mail. It will work with any internet connection, from dial-up to DSL. Some systems do not require the use of a modem which would slow down the process.

You will not have to worry about importing e-mail addresses or fax numbers into your system. The Internet Provider Fax will integrate with your current contacts. Therefore, you can begin faxing right away after installing the program.

An IP fax is typically much cheaper to use than a traditional fax machine. It also takes up no extra space in your office. In addition, the product is convenient and easy to use on your computer.

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