Ms Outlook Express

Written by Jill Morrison
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MS Outlook Express is a software program for organization of tasks. You can create address books, maps, and a personal or business calendar. Outlook Express is especially known for its e-mail capabilities.

MS Outlook Express Features

MS Outlook Express allows you to create and send e-mail primarily. If you have any trouble setting up the program, a set-up wizard is available to offer help. The wizard will also show you how to begin participating in internet newsgroups with Outlook Express.

Outlook Express will help you to organize valuable information. You can create an address book with all of your contacts and set up a calendar to help you remember important dates or daily schedules. If you have this information stored in another program, the Outlook Express wizard will help you to easily transfer this information to Outlook Express files.

MS Outlook Express now features a beneficial website entitled Outlook Expression. Outlook Expression offers free resources, help, utilities and tutorials. The Website will help you to be more productive when using Outlook Express.

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