Written by Jill Morrison
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MyMessenger is an automated broadcasting service for sending out messages to large groups of people. It is a wonderful alternative to call centers and mail centers. You will save time and money with this service in most business settings.

Benefits of MyMessenger

MyMessenger was designed for people who are tired of making repetitive phone calls to deliver a message to many people. With this service, you can record a message and have it sent to business contact groups. Anywhere from 5 to 50,000 people can receive your message, according to your contact list.

The program is typically purchased by a monthly agreement basis. You can also purchase a single event program if you do not plan on using the service on a regular basis. There is also free service to service messaging when you purchase the program.

MyMessenger allows you to integrate your personal, business database into the system. Contacting a group of people by calling each person can be extremely time consuming. This service lets you send messages at a moment's notice to any number of people, and will save you a large amount of time that may be directed towards other projects.

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