Phone Privacy

Written by Jill Morrison
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Phone privacy is a growing concern because of the increase in identity theft and billing fraud in the past few years. Cell phone users are particularly at risk for these security issues. Eavesdropping and scanning have allowed for a severe lack in privacy for many cell phone users.

Eavesdropping is more likely to occur with analog cell phones. Anyone with a scanner can listen to your phone conversation on an analog phone and limit your phone privacy. Digital phones are more difficult for eavesdroppers because they have scrambled transmissions.

Preserving Phone Privacy

If you are worried about eavesdropping, your options are limited. You can certainly purchase a digital phone as opposed to an analog phone to narrow the risk of eavesdropping. Regardless of the cell phone you use, be careful not to reveal any personal information that you would like to keep private while talking on your cell phone.

There are a few programs and devices that you can purchase to increase your phone privacy. You can block your phone number from caller IDs for an additional cost per month on your phone plan. You can also purchase a scanner to establish a security perimeter and identify callers or internet users and information about them.

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