Phone Security

Written by Jill Morrison
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Phone security is a growing concern in homes, businesses, and for cell phone users. Depending on the type of security you are looking for, there are many options in programs and devices to choose from. Security programs for phones are used in high security places such as a police station, or government building, but can also be used in everyday life.

Types of Phone Security

There are many different types of phone security programs. Most people seek security for their phones or computers after receiving a malicious or distressing call. You can also experience security issues such as eavesdropping, fraudulent billing, or identity theft.

Eavesdropping is increasing in activity with the rise of cell phones. It is easier to eavesdrop on analog cell phones as opposed to digital phones because digital phones have a scrambled transmission. To protect yourself from eavesdropping, be hesitant and careful before giving out personal information, such as a credit card number, when talking on your cell phone.

There are different devices and programs that you can purchase to increase phone security. You can purchase security codes to restrict outgoing calls from unknown users, or to block particular phone numbers from your phone line. You can also purchase a scanner to establish a security perimeter and identify callers or internet users that are in your proximity.

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