Telecommunication Systems

Written by Jill Morrison
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Telecommunication systems offer various ways to communicate with voice audio. Telephones and radio are the traditional systems. We now have many other options in telecommunications, including cellular phones, conference calling, voice over IP, and call forwarding.

Options in Telecommunication Systems

Telephones have been used to communicate for many years. There have been numerous advancements over time. You have the option to add features such as caller ID, blocked phone numbers, call waiting, voice mail, phone security, 800 numbers, and call forwarding to any phone.

Cellular phones have become the most popular service of all telecommunication systems. They allow you to talk on one phone from any location. There are many additional features that can be included with cell phone service, including caller ID, voice mail, internet service, digital camera function, and text messaging.

The Internet has prompted the creation of many new telecommunication systems. With a voice over IP Phone, you can hold conversations with others over the Internet, with telephone quality audio. You also have the option to fax documents, e-mail, instant message, and conference call over the Internet.

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