Text Messaging

Written by Jill Morrison
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Text messaging is the alternative way to communicate with a cell phone. It is similar to instant messaging which is used on a computer to immediately interact online. You can use your cell phone to send text messages back and forth with another cell phone user.

Text Messaging Characteristics

Text messaging is increasingly popular as a communication tool for cell phones. It allows you to contact a person immediately without making a noise. Sending a text message works well in situations where you need to communicate, but must remain quiet, such as in a business meeting, classroom setting, or even during an entertainment event.

Text messaging can only be used on certain cell phones. Not every cell phone has the capacity to send text messages, but there are also many types and brands of phones to choose from. If it is a priority to you, make sure that you find a phone with the ability to text message before purchasing anything.

A cell phone that has the ability to text message can be beneficial in a social and also a business setting. It allows for communication in real time which is quick and efficient. Sometimes a text message will inform you of an important event or decision to make and can be a great benefit in communicating with others.

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