Touch Tone

Written by Jill Morrison
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Touch tone phones have proven to be much more convenient and time efficient than rotary phones. In fact, rotary phones are no longer produced for everyday telephone use. They are typically only purchased as a novelty item or antique decoration.

Touch Tone Phone Uses

Touch tone phones are available in many forms. They are standard for regular or cordless home phones. They are also the only available version for dialing on cell phones.

Tones have replaced the pulse sound for dialing on telephones. The tones have a shorter, clearer sound than the pulse. Each number on the key pad produces a different pitch in its tone so that you can hear the difference between numbers when dialing.

There are many items that you can order over the phone. You can purchase airline or concert tickets, hotel rooms, gifts, furniture, clothing, or nearly any item that you can buy in a store. Touch tone phones are necessary for many orders over the phone because you will need to push numbers for accessing automated menus.

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