Unlimited Long Distance Calling

Written by Jill Morrison
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Unlimited long distance calling is one of the many options on a long distance service plan. With this plan, you can make as many long distance calls as you would like and pay just one flat rate each month. This plan also allows you talk as long as you want when making long distance calls.

Unlimited Long Distance Calling Options

Unlimited long distance calling is an option under most phone service plans. It is typically used for land line phones. Cell phone plans may offer long distance at the same price as local calls, but they will also charge you according to minutes used.

Residents do not typically need an unlimited long distance plan unless they are making frequent long distance calls. They may want to use it if they have many family members of friends that do not live locally. However, this plan option tends to be more expensive, so it should not be used if you only make long distance calls a few times per month.

Unlimited long distance calling is a desirable option for most businesses. If your business makes many calls to various locations around the country, or in other countries, a long distance plan will be necessary. This option may seem expensive, but you will definitely save more money in the end if you choose the long distance plan.

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