Voice Mail

Written by Jill Morrison
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Voice mail is the updated version of an answering machine. It does not require you to purchase and connect a bulky machine to your phone. It is also relatively cheap to use.

Benefits of Voice Mail

Voice mail is much more convenient to use than an answering machine. Instead of dealing with a machine in addition to your phone, you will listen to messages directly from your phone. To hear messages on your phone, you may have to type in a security code, so that the messages are kept private.

You can also retrieve messages from outside of your home or office. You can call the system from any phone, type in your code, and then you can listen to any messages you may have. This is an excellent option for business men and women, or anyone who likes to travel.

Voice mail is especially desirable in a business setting. Companies want to limit costs and take up less space with equipment with all of their employees. They no longer need to purchase an answering machine for every office in the building because all employees will use the same answering system.

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