Voice Recognition Software

Written by Jill Morrison
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Voice recognition software lets you use your voice instead of your hands when working on a computer. You can create text on any sort of document by speaking the words to your computer. The program will then recognize those words and type them for you.

Options in Voice Recognition Software

Voice recognition software is best known for its ability to create text from your voice. Yet, there are many other features included in the program. You can create, edit and save documents, send e-mail and even surf the Internet with your voice.

There is a special option in voice recognition software that allows you to point at objects with use of your voice. You can point using very minimal vocabulary. In fact, the system is very intuitive and understands when you say the name of the object you would like to point to.

Programs using voice recognition can point to and work with words, graphics, and controls. Of course you can create words in documents, on icons, buttons, or anywhere on the screen. Manipulating graphics and controls in links, toolbars, scrollbar elements, minimize and maximize buttons, and many more is easy with a voice recognition program.

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