Voip Phone

Written by Jill Morrison
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A VOIP phone allows you to hold a telephone conversation over the Internet. Instead of using a phone, you can hold a one way or conference call from the comfort of your office at your computer. This allows you to work on your computer and share information while you are talking.

VOIP Phone Features

VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Provider. A VOIP phone will allow telephone quality audio to be heard from your computer. VOIP service is most commonly used in business settings.

Many companies enjoy using a VOIP phone to hold conference calls. Then, business colleagues can discuss ideas and share data simultaneously. This feature will improve operational efficiency within the company and also reduce risks that may be encountered with other forms of communication.

There are many different VOIP service plans to choose from. Some offer added security features such as protecting investments. You can choose a plan based on the needs of your company.

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